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Media Coverage

Software Industry Survey in media

A summary of our press coverage in 2012 is available here.

In year 2010, the results of the software industry survey was reported in several sources after the press conference. Below are some examples:


Who reads our report

The report of the Software Industry Survey is read by a wide audience. Here are some comments from different people who have been studying our results:

"Results of the survey provide a very good annual overview of the Finnish software industry. A large amount of best-of-class competence and international growth potential exists in the industry. The surveys have provided us with an accurate view of the needs and challenges that companies face on their paths for international growth. For the software companies the survey provides a good opportunity for benchmarking against the other companies in the industry."

- National Technology Agency (Tekes)

"During several years of existence of the Finnish Software Industry Survey, it has played a variety of roles in the Centre of Expertise –program for the ICT industries. First, it has informed us on the development of growth and internationalization of the software cluster. Second, it has provided information about development needs and hence supported our decision making related to action plans for the industry. Third, but not least, we have used the results as the presentation or background material for several Finnish delegations abroad."

- Culminatum Ltd Oy Helsinki Region Centre of Expertise

"Good knowledge of phenomenon of interest is one of the key prerequisites for making high-class statistics. Due to this, the experts of Statistics Finland closely follow the development of the industries that they are focusing on. In Statistics Finland some of the results of Finnish Software Industry Survey have been compared among other things to the survey of Statistics Finland on moving operations abroad, statistical publication on internationalization of firms, foreign trade statistics of services, statistics on revenue and research & development of software business, and financial statements of software industry. The results of the National Software Industry Survey are analyzed and compared with the official statistics of software industry. However, the data of the survey are not used by Statistics Finland."

- Statistics Finland