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How to Participate

The 2013 survey is now open!

The Software Industry Survey is aimed at all firms operating in the software industry. If your company is a software firm, we have most likely contacted you already. Please see the frequently asked questions page for information on which companies are included in the study.


Options for participation

  1. Paper form, which you have received by postal mail. If you have not received mail from us, you can print the questionnair from the following links
  2. Web form, to which you have received a link by email. If you have not received an email from us, please use the responding boxes in the web page.


Why should I participate

  1. The Software Industry Survey is an established study that is closely followed by several stakeholders of the software industry. By responding, you can influence how these stakeholders view the industry.
  2. You will receive a mass-tailored company specific report, which compares your company to the industy. The report was found to be very usefull by the respondens. You can check out a company report from previous year here here.
  3. It will only take approximately 20-30 minutes of your time.