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How does it work

Forms of partnership

For organization willing to run the survey in their country, there are two basic alternatives for participation: full research partner status and data sharing agreement.



Full research partner

As a full research partner you commit to implementing one run of the survey in your country as a part of the larger project. In this alternative, Aalto University provides tested and standardized survey tools for efficient implementation of different parts of the survey. The obligatory tasks for each participating country will include at minimum data collection. More specifically, this includes constructing and updating the mailing and emailing lists, translating the questions to their native language, managing email communications, endorsing the survey, and participating in writing the final report. The level of involvement to the survey can be further increased by, for example, planning your own question sets for the questionnaire form and writing a country-specific annex of the results.

Data sharing agreement

As a data sharing partner, you run a compatible survey as a separate study in your country. We sign a data sharing agreement which allows us to share the data and you get access to the data of the survey project for that year. In this alternative your survey will not be branded as the Software Industry Survey nor will you be eligible of using the survey tools that Aalto University provides for full research partners.


Data usage and IPR considerations

The data collected during the survey is available for each participating country. This data comprises responses from all countries that have participated to the survey in that year. The data can be freely used for analyses, papers, and other publications as the participants see fit. However, confidentiality of the responses is an important consideration and no single respondents must be subject to identification from the results.