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Join the 2014 edition of the survey, Follow the results

I'm delighted to report that this year's edition of the survey is now underway and that the Finnish software companies can expect traditional mail and email invitations on their desk in any day soon. On behalf of the researchers and collaborators, I invite the companies to join the survey. Thanks to the responses we receive, we were able to contribute valuable information on the current state of the software industry. Such information can be used to draw attention to opportunities and development needs that the companies are thinking.

The last year's run of the survey was successful in capturing the essential challenges for software companies' growth . Among other challenges, shortcomings in marketing and sales activities, limited understanding of markets and customers and issues with networking with other companies were identified as important inhibitors of growth. To support the ongoing undertakings to tackle these issues, this year's survey aims at uncovering whether these issues are linked with other aspects of the software firms' strategy or operations.

Besides growth, did you know that companies like Amazon, Wordpress and Prezi deploy their software to production multiple times every day? This is not attributable only to the software development practices and cloud computing, but their secret sauce most likely include also other forms of flexibility and swiftness. In this year's survey, we're keen to understand how well Finnish software firms are doing in this regards. In other words,  to support the ongoing research on software firm's flexibility, this survey will analyse the software firms' current capabilities and competences for (business) agility and speed.

I have the privilege to coordinate this year's survey research efforts. The survey has been prepared together with a team of researchers from University of Jyväskylä and Aalto University, and we've received great help from our collaborators in Ohjelmistoyrittäjät ry, Teknologiateollisuus ry and TIVIA ry. We shall publish our results just before the holidays in July and, as usual, write blog posts on this site with tentative results along the way.